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Should We Give Employees Everything They Want?

Should We Give Employees Everything They Want?

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The modern business feels that it needs to retain employees at all costs. Therefore, there is the temptation to give them everything they want to keep your employees on your side. But is this essential? If we give employees what they want, does this mean that they are going to be eternally productive and dedicated to the business? It’s unlikely. So what do we need to do to ensure that we get the balance just right? 

Finding Employees Who Fit Your Mold

It sounds obvious, but the fact is that simple practices such as a pre employment assessment can make a big difference to exactly what you are looking for. It’s not that we should find someone that’s not malleable and has a rigid approach to work, but as our business grows incrementally, finding someone that shares the same values and beliefs as us can help us limit our perks and benefits. 

Understanding What Employees Really Want

Employees don’t always want huge pay packets, but the pay packet represents recognition for the work that they do. Employees will always want their views to count, and this means making sure that your employees feel valued as a member of the team is going to ensure employees feel valued and work better for the business. So many companies only conduct insights into their employees during the annual review, but when we provide those little nuggets of reinforcement, it’s going to help everybody. 

The Notion of Security

Employees want job security, but they also want to be confident in the organization’s future. This means that they will want stability that meets their lifestyle. We need to consider this in relation to the morale and the well-being of our workers. Empowering our employees to give them a say in how they work creates trust and a better sense of how they can be in charge of their own destiny. The other aspect of security is, of course, pay. Employees want to feel compensated for the work they do and the contributions they make. But we have got to remember that compensation should be fair and evaluated on merit. If you cannot compensate in terms of increased pay, you could always give them time off instead, which will give them the opportunity to feel more refreshed so they can return to work and boost their performance

Why Truth Is the Most Important Thing

Employees want to be told the truth and they want to work for transparent organizations. Employers need to act with integrity and communicate openly and directly. Truth is always one of the most important foundations for employee morale, which is why we need to operate with a culture of truth and transparency. The fact is that if you want to give employees the things that they want, you’re not necessarily giving them the things that they need. A lot of these components are things that employees don’t always think about, but if you can work to provide a lot of these, employees are going to feel more grounded and supported.

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