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Your Parking Lot Says More Than You Think About Your Company

Your Parking Lot Says More Than You Think About Your Company

The parking lot is a ubiquitous feature of brick and mortar businesses. Everyone from fast-food outlets to retailers to legal practices needs spaces where people can leave their vehicles. 

The business community, however, doesn’t talk enough about parking lots. The focus is always on grand lobbies and new offices, not the piece of concrete outside of the front door. 

It’s worth pointing out that the customer experience doesn’t begin when they enter your establishment; it starts the moment they drive to their space in your lot. This experience informs everything else that they then go on to do.

Image by Olya Adamovich from Pixabay

Getting the parking lot experience right is vital. If it’s not good enough, customers will find alternative locations that provide better facilities. It’s a key pillar of your competitive advantage. 

Here’s what your parking lot says about your company. 

Special Parking Spaces For Executives – You Treat Your People Like Crap

Some companies like to privilege the experience of those at the top more than the average worker. And while that’s their prerogative, it sends a bad message to employees and customers alike. It says that executives should not only get paid more for the work that they do but that they should have pride of place in the car park too. Their convenience is much more important than that of everyone else. 

It’s also an indication that the company doesn’t embrace the concept of servant leadership. Servant leadership is where the goal of the leadership is to bring out the best of everyone in the organization. It’s undoubtedly the most progressive leadership style, but not one embraced by organizations that engage in parking lot politics. 

Special Spaces For People With Disabilities – You Operate A Progressive Company

While accessible parking spaces are a regulatory requirement in many states, you don’t find them in every business parking lot. Usually, this is just a matter of oversight. Management has more to think about than organizing the construction of an accessible space. 

The problem with this, though, is that it reflects poorly on the company’s brand and makes it less accessible to people with disabilities, of which they may be very many. The good news, however, is that creating accessible bays is easy. All you need is some paint and a handicap stencil, and you can create multiple spaces for disabled people in quick succession, all at low cost. 

Lots Of Greenery – You See Your Parking Lot As A Part Of The Customer Experience

Most parking lots are ugly blobs of concrete built for a single purpose – to provide space for customer vehicles. While that’s okay, it’s also a missed opportunity. When people use a parking lot, they want more than just a piece of concrete: they want something that feels landscaped and attractive. 

Businesses don’t typically think of their parking lots as their front gardens, but they should. An attractive lot can put customers in a good mood and encourage them to make purchases once in-store. Placing greenery and shrubs around the carpark helps it to feel more luxurious. 

What does your parking lot say about your business?

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  1. I loved how you mentioned that greenery in a parking lot can encourage customers to make purchases in your store. My brother is renovating his store parking lot soon and he was wondering how he can make his customers like his property better. I’ll be sure to tell him to add more greenery along with repainting the parking lot lines.

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