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Marketing Your Business? Consider These Things

Marketing Your Business? Consider These Things

Marketing your business can be difficult if you’re not experienced in this field. You know that you need to get your message out there, but you’re not quite sure which mediums will work best and get you the most new customers. After all, your customers may not fall into a specific demographic, which means that you’ll have to get pretty inventive with your marketing, and try out a multitude of different ideas. But where are you supposed to begin? We’ve noted down some ideas for the marketing newbie here.

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Talk to your customers

OK, so the first thing on your hit list should be talking to your customers, and don’t worry, this isn’t rocket science. Sure, you need to find a way to get enough responses to your questionnaires that the information you’re using is reliable, but this should be pretty easy if you offer a 10% voucher (or another alternative) for those who give you some feedback on the types of social media they use, and the marketing styles that influence them.

Head online

One of the most widely used marketing platforms is Facebook, with its counterpart Instagram being a hotspot for marketing fanatics too. In the modern world, there are few people who don’t scroll through their social media accounts every day, so this is a perfect place to ensure that you’re putting your brand out there. Use A/B testing to see what your audience is, and which ads will work best for you on Facebook and other platforms.

Go old school

Let’s be honest, there are some marketing techniques that just don’t stop being relevant. Getting your brand out there and cementing it into people’s minds may seem like a difficult feat, but it isn’t actually as hard as you may believe if you use a few old school (and proven) methods. Visit a site like dynamicgift.com.au and get some promotional products for your business, and be sure to get them out there to your customers. Your logo and your name will stick!

But… stay in the loop

Technology in the 21st century is moving quicker than we could have ever imagined, and businesses succeed in marketing by keeping up with it. You should know your Boomerang from your TikTok, and you should know how they are being used amongst people of all ages. You should know your memes and how posting relevant ones can get you a bigger following on your page. If you don’t know, then learn!

Combine your methods

Sending out leaflets to people in your local area will help to get your brand noticed, but you need to be a bit more savvy than this. Add all of your social links onto all forms of marketing that you have, and be sure to embrace a wide variety of marketing types (at the same time, in some cases) if you really want to be successful here. Use classic methods, but incorporate the new if you want to make that lasting impression on customers from all demographics!

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