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4 Things People Forget When Setting Up A Stand For A Trade Event

4 Things People Forget When Setting Up A Stand For A Trade Event

Trade shows are still a tried and tested marketing strategy for all businesses, and you should be attending them if you aren’t already. But you will only be successful at trade shows if you are well prepared, especially when it comes to your stand. You need to think about your stand carefully if you are going to attract plenty of people, but there are a lot of things that people forget about. If you are attending a trade show soon, make sure that you remember these things when designing a stand.

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Putting It Up And Down 

This is something that often gets overlooked but it’s vital that you think about how you are going to put the stand up and down. You don’t want to be there for hours trying to work out how it goes up, so you need a simple system. You can get some great display stands that are made with Carbon Fiber Tube Connectors which are easy to fit together. Carbon fiber tubes are also very durable and flexible so you can be sure that your stand will hold up. You’ll be thankful that you invested in a good quality display stand at the end of the event when you have to put it all down again. 

Audio Displays 

Creating an eye catching show is important if you want to attract people to your stand. That’s why you’ll see so many flashy, colorful videos and demonstrations when you are wandering around a trade show. But a lot of businesses overlook the effectiveness of an audio display. Having some music or even an informational broadcast inviting people to visit the stand is a great way to draw people from all over the event. People will gravitate towards you, and when the crowd starts building, you can begin your visual displays. 

Power Strips And Extension Cords 

You’ve spent lots of time and money planning the perfect audio-visual display that will wow event guests and generate a lot of new leads, but only if you can actually show it in the first place. It would be such a shame if you didn’t have anywhere to plug in all of those monitors and speakers, so always remember to pack plenty of power strips and extension cords when you are putting together your stand. 

Snacks And Drinks 

Having snacks and drinks there for the guests is a great idea and if you pick something interesting, you will draw a big crowd. But a lot of people forget to bring snacks for themselves. You and your team will be manning the stand all day long, and if you are starving hungry, you won’t be as effective when you are trying to network and entice new leads. Make sure that you bring plenty of snacks along for everybody, so you don’t need to keep leaving the stand and you can all focus on finding new leads. 

You’ll have a much better chance of success if you remember these important things when putting together a stand for a trade show. 

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