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Why Your Team Isn’t Engaged At The Moment, And What To Do About It

Why Your Team Isn’t Engaged At The Moment, And What To Do About It

Even before the pandemic, keeping workers engaged was challenging. Companies spent millions of dollars training their managers to improve teams’ attitudes, much of it in vain.

Today, though, engagement is even more of an issue. Not only do workers have more time alone by themselves to ruminate over how much they dislike their jobs, but they’re stressed out of their minds – and have been for quite some time. 

Fundamentally, this separation is why your team seems less engaged at the moment. Most people struggle to keep motivation levels high without other people around. It’s a fact of human psychology. 

The question is, what can you do about it? 

Provide Live Streaming Cameras To All Employees For Free

A lot of companies are relying on email and text channels to keep lines of communication open between team members during the pandemic. But this approach has some unintended consequences. For instance, team members can’t have real conversations with each other in the same way as before – and that’s creating emotional distance. 

So what can you do to turn the situation around? 

One idea is to invest in a Grandstream device for everyone on your team. 

Even if team members can’t talk to each other directly, you can make sure that they have the next best thing. 

Encourage Health And Wellness

Health is also a concern. The lockdown means that many people have let themselves go. They’ve adopted all the wrong habits, and they aren’t looking after their bodies how they should be. 

As a manager, therefore, your job is to find ways to subtly convince them to continue working on their health. That doesn’t mean bullying them into eating more salads or doing Zumba over Zoom with their colleagues. It just means creating incentives or providing regular coaching on how to live well. 

Workers actually appreciate it when you actively show an interest in their wellbeing. It helps generate trust and convinces them that you really are on their side. 

Make Employees Feel Heard

When employees aren’t going to the office daily, it can be tempting to just ignore their needs. However, we would advise against apathy. Without physical proximity, you need to work even harder to maintain staff loyalty.

Remember, now that they’re at home, they have more time to think about the kind of life that they would like to forge for themselves. Without intervention, many will assume that the grass is greener on the other side and jump ship. Your task, therefore, is to make employees feel valued and heard using whatever means you can. 

Options include: 

  • Calling employees to thank them for all their hard work
  • Sending them gift cards via email 
  • Scheduling events that aren’t all about work
  • Making sure that your remote workers feel just as much a part of the team as those who are still going to the office. 

Encourage Personal Meetings

Personal meetings are a great way to ensure employees remain committed to the company. One-on-one interactions allow team members to forge stronger bonds with others, making it less likely that they will look elsewhere. 

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