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Support Your Team With These Morale-Boosting Strategies

Support Your Team With These Morale-Boosting Strategies

Running a business involves tackling a diverse range of challenges. One of the most significant is ensuring your team is happy and healthy. In this guide, we’ll explore some morale-boosting strategies you can employ to create productive, cohesive, inclusive workplaces.

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Team building and bonding

Bringing individuals together is an effective way to build teams and strengthen ties. If you have recently added new members to your team, or you are welcoming employees back after a period of working from home, it’s a great idea to organize team building and bonding activities. From planning charity events and ordering bulk trophies for an office sports tournament to a weekend away or problem-solving activities, there are myriad options to choose from. Think about the areas you want to work on and talk to your employees to get ideas before you make a decision. 

Facilitating a healthy work-life balance

A healthy work-life balance is one of the most important concerns for modern-day employees. As a company boss, there are multiple steps you can take to try and boost wellbeing and morale by tipping the balance. If your employees regularly work long hours, or they take work home, try to schedule core hours, provide greater flexibility and encourage teams to separate work and downtime. You can give workers more control over their diaries, manage workloads to ensure nobody is working too much, and set deadlines for emails, calls and meetings. If your employees are logging off at 5 pm or 6 pm, they shouldn’t be receiving work emails at 8 pm, for example. 

Encouraging communication and engagement

Communication and employee engagement are crucial for creating harmonious, happy workplaces. As an employer, it’s beneficial to try to create a culture that encourages open communication and provides opportunities for everyone to share ideas and get involved in brainstorming or planning. Schedule frequent catch-ups, give people time to speak, encourage others to listen and use feedback from your staff to make improvements. You want every individual to feel comfortable speaking up or putting suggestions forward.

Establishing team values

More and more employees want to work for companies that make a difference and align with their values. Work together with your employees to establish and champion team values. Ask for ideas when supporting charities or choosing causes to donate to, provide training and discuss what matters most to each individual. Use ideas and suggestions to fundraise and organize events that raise awareness at the same time as enhancing morale and encouraging togetherness. 


The average employee spends up to 40 hours per week at work. When you spend a lot of time with colleagues, it’s hugely beneficial to build relationships and to try and get along with your workmates. Employers can urge employees to establish positive relationships by encouraging them to socialize and have fun together away from the office. Simple things like going for lunch together, having after-work drinks from time to time and planning an office party can all make a difference. 

Managing a team and maintaining high levels of motivation and morale is challenging for business owners. If you are keen to support your employees, try these morale-boosting strategies today.

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