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Ways to Increase Employee Engagement

Ways to Increase Employee Engagement

In order for your business to advance then, you need to implement a lot of measures to improve. One measure is to focus on nurturing highly motivated staff who are engaged in their work and want to succeed. The more motivated your staff, the more productive they will be, and this ultimately is good for everyone involved. But how do you create a workforce full of these types of people? It may seem like a wish rather than a plausible reality, but the truth is a lot of it is down to the business leader, aka you! You need to motivate your staff for the good of all. Here are some ways to achieve better employee engagement.

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Meaning and Purpose 

Creating a meaning and purpose for your staff is far more effective a driving force than focusing on happiness. Happiness is an arbitrary concept, whereas you can create meaning. To do this, focus first on developing a great brand with a company philosophy, brand narrative, and a vision. Think about why you went into business in the first place what was your inspiration. If you can turn this into a meaning that your staff can believe in it become very powerful. Working together to create something for a reason is far more inspiration than mere working for a wage. Asdfdiaonlyl this kind of philosophy will help you on your onboarding process as y are far more likely to hire like-minded people with a specific vision in mind. 

Open and Honest Communication

It is important that your staff feel valued and one way to do this is to ensure that the lines of communication are open and that you listen to your staff’s opinions. You need to ensure that every staff member has a one-to-one meeting fairly regularly, at least once a month or more, with their line manager. This can be a place to air any grievances and to ensure they understand their role and their performance. It is alp vital that you have regular meetings, perhaps once a week, where you open the floor for discussion, advise your staff on the future of the company, talk about your visions and request feedback. Everything actively participating as one team is what you are aiming for. It is from an atmosphere like this that innovation and progress can be made. 

Comfort Levels

It is important that you ensure that you cater to your staff’s comfort. To do this, consider things such as ergonomic chairs and a height adjustable desk, as well as tilting monitors to ensure that everyone is sitting comfortably when they go to work. The last thing you want is for people to be constantly adjusting how they sit and having to take little breaks away from their chairs. It is even possible for people to develop injuries from inappropriate furniture. Also, you need noise facilities, focus the toilets, break areas, and canteen. It is a good idea to provide free teas and coffees too, and even some free fruit to cater to your staff’s wellbeing.

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