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Smart Ways to Use Social Media to Boost Your Business

Smart Ways to Use Social Media to Boost Your Business

With close to 4 billion people actively using different social media platforms, the digital world offers so much potential for businesses, as it makes available a vast pool of potential customers. However, merely setting up social media accounts may not be enough to enjoy the benefits it has to offer your business. So, is your social media marketing strategy failing to transform into sales? Are you finding it difficult to create leads or draw traffic through social media? Or do you not know where to start? Here are some smart ways to use social media to boost your business. 

  1. Use social media influencers

Taking advantage of micro or nano influencers is one of the most effective ways of increasing the visibility of your products and services. The great thing about this option is that the effects can be instantaneous when done the right way. Although the marketing cost for most influencers are on a steady rise, thankfully, most businesses do not need the high-profile influencers to gain customers. Micro-influencers are a much better option, as aside from the fact that they are a lot cheaper to use, they also offer a niche-specific marketing advantage. Celebrities have massive followers from various walks of life and with varying interests. However, micro-influences will provide you with thousands of potential clients in specific fields. Plus, many of them, like Christen Dye, are very easy to find online.  

  1. Increase leads

Many small businesses have successfully taken advantage of social media to increase leads. How have they managed to do that? Social media is useful for generating leads and using advanced targeting systems to generate target-specific and high-qualified leads. One way to achieve this is by using social media to promote the kind of content your potential customers or targeted clients are interested in. To ensure that such content achieves the intended results, you need to add visually appealing graphics that showcase your brand.

Additionally, your content should be relevant to the needs of your social media followers. Furthermore, be sure to include a call to action to help create a sense of emergency. Your call to action will be more effective if it comes with links to the right channels to initiate sales.

  1. Use a social media manager

Based on your business portfolio, the number of social media pages you have, or how busy you are, you may require a social media expert or a social manager’s services to assist. With such assistance, you will have more time to concentrate on pressing business issues. A social media manager knows how to use different online platforms combined with other marketing tools to draw significant traffic, which would be translated into sales. A social media manager will also identify the marketing approach to use, content to post, the timing, and finding the right followers. They will also be better qualified in using different social media analytical tools to enhance the marketing strategy.

  1. Strategize

The easiest part of using social media is creating your business accounts. The most challenging part is getting your accounts to yield the right results. For your business to achieve the latter, you need to strategize your marketing approach online. Seeking a social media manager’s service will help take that burden away, but if that option is not available to you, there are few things you can do. First, you do not need to open accounts on all social media platforms. Doing so will not only make it very difficult to manage all accounts by yourself, but it may also be just a waste of time. The best approach is to identify the right social media platform that is ideal for the kind of business you are into. For example, if you are into the sales of products, you may find a platform like Instagram as ideal. 

  1. Track what works and what does not

Believe it or not, not everything you post on your social media pages will be significant. That is why it is crucial to track what works and what doesn’t, as doing so will help you improve the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. Keep track of the date, time, and day of your post and its effect, and if needed, make the necessary adjustments. For example, you may notice that your followers are engaged in your posts at certain times or more interested in some subject matters. Pay attention to the type of content you post, as some content will be more effective than others.

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