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Matt Sweetwood

Matt Sweetwood is known for his innovative and transformative ideas as a marketing, social media and business-development consultant. He has experienced professional and personal success as an award-winning marketer and CMO club member and as president of Unique Photo, through his reinvention of the modern camera superstore. Sweetwood is currently writing his first book, Man Up, and is a regular contributor on national TV and to several publications in the business, social media, marketing. parenting, ethics and politics arenas.

How Male Bonding Builds Better Business

As a result, I have had a full schedule of high pressure power business meetings. Those who have participated in these kinds of meetings know how they typically go. You meet in some nondescript conference room, shake hands, greet each other, small talk for 30 seconds and get to the business at hand. When the business is done you shake hands and head off on your merry way.

The Man-Up Project Episode 8: How to be a Good Father when Your Kids Challenge You?

In this podcast, I am talking with a dad who is going through some rough time. We talk about how to stay – can we stay? – A good father when our kids challenge us greatly. And what’s the take home message? The love of a child by a father can transcend everything.

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